Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Night Tips!

Pray together

You know the importance of this day. It’s the first time you are spending alone with your wife and a remarkable beginning of a new era of your life. Among many who are still not able to get wedded due to so many reasons you are one among the lucky slot to achieve it. Isn’t it a great opportunity to thank God? Hold hands to together, read the Bible and thank God who made this entire thing possible. Commit your family life to God and promise to keep Him the head of your family. There’s no joy than to give glory to God for such a happy moment in your life.

Do not hurry.

Sex is often mistaken with intercourse. Sex doesn’t always mean inserting the genital. It starts with loving your spouse physically with all your mind. You need to admire your spouse, touch, massage, kiss passionately and most importantly make her feel that she is important. Hold her firmly and instill the feeling that she’s secure within your arms. So on day 1, you might have to talk a lot by staying physically close to her. You could hug her from behind or wrap your arms around her waist while talking. This gives her time to get used to physical contact. Generally this leads to closeness so you may end up hugging tight after a while. Once a while kiss her hands while holding it.

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